Source code for fvcore.common.registry

# Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates. All Rights Reserved

from typing import Dict, Optional

[docs]class Registry(object): """ The registry that provides name -> object mapping, to support third-party users' custom modules. To create a registry (e.g. a backbone registry): .. code-block:: python BACKBONE_REGISTRY = Registry('BACKBONE') To register an object: .. code-block:: python @BACKBONE_REGISTRY.register() class MyBackbone(): ... Or: .. code-block:: python BACKBONE_REGISTRY.register(MyBackbone) """
[docs] def __init__(self, name: str) -> None: """ Args: name (str): the name of this registry """ self._name: str = name self._obj_map: Dict[str, object] = {}
def _do_register(self, name: str, obj: object) -> None: assert ( name not in self._obj_map ), "An object named '{}' was already registered in '{}' registry!".format( name, self._name ) self._obj_map[name] = obj
[docs] def register(self, obj: object = None) -> Optional[object]: """ Register the given object under the the name `obj.__name__`. Can be used as either a decorator or not. See docstring of this class for usage. """ if obj is None: # used as a decorator def deco(func_or_class: object) -> object: name = func_or_class.__name__ # pyre-ignore self._do_register(name, func_or_class) return func_or_class return deco # used as a function call name = obj.__name__ # pyre-ignore self._do_register(name, obj)
[docs] def get(self, name: str) -> object: ret = self._obj_map.get(name) if ret is None: raise KeyError( "No object named '{}' found in '{}' registry!".format(name, self._name) ) return ret
def __contains__(self, name: str) -> bool: return name in self._obj_map