Source code for detectron2.modeling.sampling

# Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.
import torch

from detectron2.layers import nonzero_tuple

__all__ = ["subsample_labels"]

[docs]def subsample_labels( labels: torch.Tensor, num_samples: int, positive_fraction: float, bg_label: int ): """ Return `num_samples` (or fewer, if not enough found) random samples from `labels` which is a mixture of positives & negatives. It will try to return as many positives as possible without exceeding `positive_fraction * num_samples`, and then try to fill the remaining slots with negatives. Args: labels (Tensor): (N, ) label vector with values: * -1: ignore * bg_label: background ("negative") class * otherwise: one or more foreground ("positive") classes num_samples (int): The total number of labels with value >= 0 to return. Values that are not sampled will be filled with -1 (ignore). positive_fraction (float): The number of subsampled labels with values > 0 is `min(num_positives, int(positive_fraction * num_samples))`. The number of negatives sampled is `min(num_negatives, num_samples - num_positives_sampled)`. In order words, if there are not enough positives, the sample is filled with negatives. If there are also not enough negatives, then as many elements are sampled as is possible. bg_label (int): label index of background ("negative") class. Returns: pos_idx, neg_idx (Tensor): 1D vector of indices. The total length of both is `num_samples` or fewer. """ positive = nonzero_tuple((labels != -1) & (labels != bg_label))[0] negative = nonzero_tuple(labels == bg_label)[0] num_pos = int(num_samples * positive_fraction) # protect against not enough positive examples num_pos = min(positive.numel(), num_pos) num_neg = num_samples - num_pos # protect against not enough negative examples num_neg = min(negative.numel(), num_neg) # randomly select positive and negative examples perm1 = torch.randperm(positive.numel(), device=positive.device)[:num_pos] perm2 = torch.randperm(negative.numel(), device=negative.device)[:num_neg] pos_idx = positive[perm1] neg_idx = negative[perm2] return pos_idx, neg_idx