Source code for fvcore.common.timer

# Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from time import perf_counter
from typing import Optional

[docs]class Timer: """ A timer which computes the time elapsed since the start/reset of the timer. """ def __init__(self) -> None: self.reset()
[docs] def reset(self) -> None: """ Reset the timer. """ self._start = perf_counter() self._paused: Optional[float] = None self._total_paused = 0 self._count_start = 1
[docs] def pause(self) -> None: """ Pause the timer. """ if self._paused is not None: raise ValueError("Trying to pause a Timer that is already paused!") self._paused = perf_counter()
[docs] def is_paused(self) -> bool: """ Returns: bool: whether the timer is currently paused """ return self._paused is not None
[docs] def resume(self) -> None: """ Resume the timer. """ if self._paused is None: raise ValueError("Trying to resume a Timer that is not paused!") self._total_paused += perf_counter() - self._paused self._paused = None self._count_start += 1
[docs] def seconds(self) -> float: """ Returns: (float): the total number of seconds since the start/reset of the timer, excluding the time when the timer is paused. """ if self._paused is not None: end_time: float = self._paused # type: ignore else: end_time = perf_counter() return end_time - self._start - self._total_paused
[docs] def avg_seconds(self) -> float: """ Returns: (float): the average number of seconds between every start/reset and pause. """ return self.seconds() / self._count_start